Everyone is looking for a ‘magic genie’ to solve all their skin sagging, fine lines and wrinkle problems, but with realistic expectations, an Oxygen facial can go a long way towards offering that magic formula we all seek. (It is popular with top celebrities, who need to look their best for photo shoots and public appearances!)

Oxygen Infusion Therapy infuses oxygen into the skin via a gentle machine-based treatment. It is a fantastic rejuvenation treatment for ageing skin. The formation of lines and wrinkles resulting from a loss of skin elasticity can often be attributable to decreasing oxygen levels in the skin.

As we age, the oxygen levels in our skin decrease. Oxygen Therapy seeks to replenish lost oxygen to the cells and help restore structure to the skin, by encouraging enhanced elasticity and visibly plumping out the lines and wrinkles. Although the results of an Oxygen facial are immediate, the effect continues to work long after the treatment, stimulating cell regeneration. It has this effect due to Oxygen accelerating dermal collagen production through the stimulation of metabolic processes.

The exact method on how Oxygen works is by way of topical oxygen application to increase the number of oxygen molecules and increase oxygen pressure against the skin. This results in an increased partial pressure and diffusion throughout the epidermis and into the cells.

After cleansing and exfoliation, a machine is used to introduce oxygen directly into the skin’s pores. The oxygen used is treated with a number of supplements which are good for the skin, such as collagen and stem cells, which encourage the growth of new cells. This will help it retain it’s firmness and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure is painless and requires no harsh chemical peels, as the whole point is to oxygenate the skin, so that it can heal itself more quickly.

Powerful serums containing argon oil, rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids with anti-oxidant and moisturising properties can be used for this facial. In a gradual and controlled way, active oxygen is released to promote cell regeneration. The serums contain active ingredients including stem cells for an anti-oxidant reaction. Hyaluronic acid liposomes provide the action of a filler.

During a single treatment, the skin is soothed, plumped and lifted, with a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Skin feels soft and smooth to the touch with increased hydration levels. As the results are instant, this treatment is the perfect pick-me-up for that big night out, wedding, special occasion or holiday.

There is no downtime with an Oxygen treatment. Clients can immediately return to their lives with no discomfort, just fresh, radiant, plumped and glowing skin!

Due to the antibacterial effects of oxygen on p.acne bacteria, this is also an excellent treatment for acne. Oxygen disables the p.acne bacteria, whilst the treatment has an overall balancing effect on sebum production.

In summary, Oxygen infusion treatments are designed to introduce oxygen to the cells to increase cellular regeneration and promote a plumping of the skin and a reduction in visible lines and wrinkles.

Unlike microdermabrasion and other methods of smoothing out the skin for a more even tone, an oxygen facial does not normally cause any side effects, such as stinging, itching or burning. The method of oxygen delivery into the skin is gentle, which makes the treatment a viable option for those with sensitive skin and who have difficulties with injectables, or other harsh methods in the treatment of wrinkles. Those who have an oxygen facial can resume normal activities straight away.

The Radiance Oxy-Infusion Facial targets:

·        Dry dehydrated skin

·        Prematurely ageing skin/ fine lines and wrinkles

·        Sensitive or stressed skin

·        Uneven texture and skin tone

·        Acne

Benefits are:

·        A perfect pick-me-up for a special occasion, wedding or holiday etc

·        Increased firmness and elasticity of the skin

·        Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles

·        Brighter more radiant skin

·        More compact appearance of pores

·        Rejuvenation for skin exposed to pollutants such as tobacco and toxins

·        Far less outlay than Botox injections or chemical fillers

·        Reduction of acne scars and reduced appearance of blemishes and minor skin blemishes.

·        Suitable for sensitive skins.

·        Procedure is painless

·        No downtime following treatment

·        Makeup can be worn immediately


The best results are achieved over a course of treatments, (an average of 6). Each treatment provides oxygen to the cells and when used in conjunction with supporting skincare, the ongoing effects are long lasting.

Optimum results are obtained over 4-8 sessions (an average of 6) 7-10 days apart and no longer than 14 days. Generally, one treatment weekly for 6 weeks is recommended, followed by monthly maintenance treatments.

Each treatment provides oxygen to the cells and when used in conjunction with supporting skincare, the ongoing effects are long lasting.

De Luxe Treatment including Cleanse, Exfoliation, Oxygen Infusion and Hydrating Mask with relaxing Shoulder/Neck Massage £49

Standard Treatment including Cleanse and Exfoliation followed by Oxygen Infusion £42

Discounted pre-paid courses are available on request.

N.B. This treatment can also be included with the popular Radio Frequency Facial for an even longer lasting optimum result.